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August 27, 2008
J. J. Keller’s FleetMentor™ Makes Two Significant Enhancements

Beta test feedback provides motivation for Vehicle Inventory and Insurance Policy Manager Enhancements

Neenah, WIFleetMentor™, the innovative online fleet management solution by transportation industry leader J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc., has made two significant enhancements as a result of feedback received during its recent six-month beta test.

The first set of enhancements was to FleetMentor’s Vehicles & Equipment feature, which helps transportation professionals manage their inventory of vehicles and equipment for use with other tools throughout the online service. Based on feedback received throughout the beta test, the Vehicles & Equipment enhancements include:

  • Import Vehicles & Equipment – FleetMentor now provides an easy three-step process for importing up to 16 data fields for all vehicles and equipment.
  • Track Lease Information – An additional panel has been added to track detailed lease information and set alerts for lease expiration dates.
  • Define Equipment Types – Subscribers now have the ability to create their own equipment types to allow for tracking all equipment within their operation.
  • Assign Driver(s) to Vehicle – Subscribers now have the ability to assign drivers to vehicles and equipment.
  • Improved Reporting – Existing report output has been redesigned to provide more detailed output, and a new report was added to track leased vehicles and equipment.

The second significant enhancement was to the Insurance Policy Manager, which helps transportation professionals track policies in a single location, set alerts for expiring policies, and generate reports for policy responsibility, expiration dates, and policies covered by each insurance company. The feature was enhanced to include the ability to track payments against policy premiums. Within each insurance policy, payment information has been added at the bottom of the policy. The enhancement allows subscribers to generate a report to keep track of past payments and upcoming payments to ensure that policies remain current.

Throughout the beta test, which lasted from January through June, participants were surveyed on the various tools and features to find out what could make them more beneficial to fleet operations.

“It was the feedback provided by the beta test participants that motivated these specific changes and made the FleetMentor beta test such a huge success. These enhancements have successfully improved the overall experience that our customers have with the service,” said Rustin Keller, Corporate Internet Products Manager at J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc.

Transportation professionals can register for a 30-day free, no obligation trial of FleetMentor™ by visiting www.fleetmentor.com.

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