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December 1, 2009
J. J. Keller’s FleetMentor® Offers CSA 2010 Advice

Neenah, WIFleetMentor®, the online fleet management advisor by J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc.®, has launched a CSA 2010 Resource Center to provide transportation professionals with real-time news, resources, information, and advice to assist them in preparing for CSA 2010.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) Compliance Safety Analysis (CSA) initiative, aimed at improving large truck and bus safety, introduces a new enforcement and compliance model that allows for a greater number of inspections – FleetMentor is a comprehensive guide for developing management controls and corrective actions to ensure that an organization is CSA 2010 ready. The tools and resources provided within the service assist an organization in demonstrating their commitment to highway safety and compliance.

Are you prepared for CSA 2010? As part of the CSA 2010 Resource Center, FleetMentor provides advice to transportation professionals on what they can do to be CSA 2010 ready. The advice, 10 Things You Should Do Now, provides guidance on the types of things that the FMCSA will be evaluating and how an organization can get ready. Transportation professionals can visit the CSA 2010 Resource Center to view the guidance (no logon necessary). As an online service, FleetMentor is able to provide transportation professionals with real-time news and information – with a team of experts constantly monitoring CSA 2010 developments and updating the CSA 2010 Resource Center.

FleetMentor will be hosting a free webcast for all transportation professionals, CSA 2010: What is it? What does it involve?, on Thursday, December 17, 2009 at 1PM Central Time (2PM Eastern, 12PM Mountain, 11AM Pacific). The webcast will familiarize attendees with the FMCSA CSA 2010 initiative that will revamp the way that carriers are tracked, evaluated, and selected for enforcement interventions. It will address the data collection system, the BASIC system for evaluating a carrier’s performance, the Safety Fitness Determination process, new interventions that FMCSA intends to implement, and what carriers should be doing to prepare for CSA 2010. To register for the webcast, click here.

About FleetMentor®

FleetMentor® is the online toolbox and advisor that helps you make critical decisions that impact your bottom line. Running a successful fleet requires effective management of your operations, personnel, and safety programs. FleetMentor is the only service designed to assist you with all three. To learn more about FleetMentor, visit www.fleetmentor.com or www.fleetmentordemo.com.