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December 16, 2009
J. J. Keller’s FleetMentor® Launches Roadside Inspection Tracking Tool

Neenah, WI FleetMentor®, the online fleet management advisor by J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc.®, has launched a Roadside Inspection Tracking tool that will help carriers prepare for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) Comprehensive Safety Analysis (CSA) 2010 initiative.

Aimed at improving large truck and bus safety, CSA 2010 introduces a new enforcement and compliance model that allows for a greater number of inspections – FleetMentor’s Roadside Inspection Tracking tool allows carriers to track their roadside inspections to help manage their overall carrier safety rating. Within each inspection record, the carrier can track the progress from inspection to completion of the corrections and upload supporting documents such as inspection reports and receipts.

The new tool in FleetMentor helps carriers prepare for CSA 2010 by taking a look at their past inspection records and analyzing them using the reporting built into the Roadside Inspection Tracking tool. With this tool, carriers have the opportunity to make significant improvements to their overall safety rating prior to the nationwide launch of CSA 2010 by identifying and addressing violations with higher severity ratings first. The Roadside Inspection Tracking tool groups inspection data by CSA 2010 BASICs and includes violation groupings and severity weights. Carriers are able to generate reports by driver, status, and regulatory citation.

“With carriers beginning to scramble to prepare for CSA 2010, this new feature in FleetMentor provides them with a unique opportunity to enter their current and past data to evaluate how it would impact them under the new initiative. By using the tool now, carriers can identify and address the issues that will have the most significant impact on their overall carrier safety rating,” said Rustin Keller, Corporate Internet Products Manager.

FleetMentor also offers a CSA 2010 Resource Center which provides advice to transportation professionals on what they can do to be CSA 2010 ready. FleetMentor is a comprehensive guide for developing management controls and corrective actions to ensure that an organization is CSA 2010 ready. The tools and resources provided within FleetMentor assist an organization in demonstrating their commitment to highway safety and compliance.

Transportation professionals can register for a 30-day free, no obligation trial of FleetMentor® by visiting www.fleetmentor.com.

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FleetMentor® is the online toolbox and advisor that helps you make critical decisions that impact your bottom line. Running a successful fleet requires effective management of your operations, personnel, and safety programs. FleetMentor is the only service designed to assist you with all three. To learn more about FleetMentor, visit www.fleetmentor.com or www.fleetmentordemo.com.