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January 6, 2010
FleetMentor's CSA 2010 Webcast Sets Record Attendance

Neenah, WIFleetMentor®, the online fleet management advisor by J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc.®, held two webcast events in December 2009, entitled “CSA 2010: What is it? What does it involve?”, to provide transportation professionals with information they need to prepare for CSA 2010. Presented by J. J. Keller subject matter experts Thomas Bray and Robert Rose, these events were attended by over 1700 transportation professionals.

The webcast familiarized attendees with the FMCSA CSA 2010 initiative that will revamp the way that carriers are tracked, evaluated, and selected for enforcement interventions. It addressed the data collection system, the BASIC system for evaluating a carrier’s performance, the Safety Fitness Determination process, new interventions that FMCSA intends to implement, and what carriers should be doing to prepare for CSA 2010.

“One of the most common misunderstandings surrounding CSA 2010 is that carriers don’t think it applies to them when, in fact, it applies to any interstate carrier with a US DOT number. It does not matter what type of carrier they are, what size carrier they are, or what type of vehicles they operate,” said Bray. “Carriers need to be preparing now for CSA 2010 by looking at past roadside inspection data and crash reports from the past 24 months since that is the data that the new system will look at when CSA 2010 is implemented.”

Over 300 questions were submitted by participants during the live broadcasts that ranged from applicability and timelines to interventions and violations. The top twelve frequently asked questions from the CSA 2010 webcast can be found in FleetMentor’s CSA 2010 Resource Center, including the following:

  • What data will CSA 2010 use to track, measure, and evaluate carriers?
  • Will there be new regulations or recordkeeping requirements that carriers must comply with in CSA 2010?
  • Will all violations listed on a roadside inspection report count, even minor violations?
  • Does the driver component of CSA 2010 only apply to drivers with a CDL license?
  • Can a driver lose his/her CDL or regular driver’s license if the CSA 2010 system “flags” the driver as being a poor driver?

FleetMentor is a comprehensive guide for developing management controls and corrective actions to ensure that an organization is CSA 2010 ready. The tools and resources provided within the service assist an organization in demonstrating their commitment to highway safety and compliance. As an online service, FleetMentor is able to provide transportation professionals with real-time news and information – with a team of experts constantly monitoring CSA 2010 developments and updating the CSA 2010 Resource Center. The webcast, “CSA 2010: What is it? What does it involve?”, was recorded and is available in FleetMentor’s Learning Center. Transportation professionals can view the archived presentation by signing up for a free, no obligation, 30-day trial of FleetMentor at www.fleetmentor.com.

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