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“I’m a two year user with over 800 drivers in five geographic areas. I have five users from my company on FleetMentor that are my DQ file custodians. FleetMentor gives me the ability to monitor everyone’s dates and data. The training is great for the outline and slides and gives us a good starting point for educating our drivers. The ability to talk with other trucking guys through the Discussion Boards is extremely useful as well. Unless you are one of the ‘big boys’ with their own proprietary DQ software, FleetMentor is a great bang for the buck. J. J. Keller has been very responsive with changes that I recommended early on when the product first came out. It works really well for me, that’s all I can say.”

Ken Stambaugh
Fleet Safety Director, Pennsy Supply, Inc., Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

"I really like the ability to look up the HazMat information in FleetMentor. When our manager ask me if we can haul this or that, I just click on the chemical name and print him a complete description with all the information that we need to make the decision. It is extremely handy and takes a fraction of the time that it did for me to look it up in the book and transfer the information to dispatch."

Bill Bracken
Fleet Safety Manager, Mid Cities Motor Freight Inc., Saint Joseph, Missouri

"FleetMentor is a great tool for the transportation professional and well worth the investment - in time saved doing your job and the vast array of resources available through its many individual offerings."

Dan Oswald
D.O.T. Compliance Officer , Hilltop Energy Inc., Mineral City, Ohio

"I have been very pleased with my subscription to FleetMentor. It has made maintaining driver files a breeze. The Roadside Inspection tool is great and breaks down the categories effectively so that you can find your deficient areas. A huge benefit of FleetMentor is the ability to import spreadsheets - it speeds up your process and allows you to be more effective."

Mitch Henderson
Fleet Safety Manager, Advanced Design & Packaging, Atlanta, Georgia

“FleetMentor has been extremely helpful, useful and easy to use!”

Sue Galloway
Controller, BC Master Blasters Inc., Langley, British Columbia