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FleetMentor® - Help

FleetMentor®– Getting Started

Welcome to FleetMentor!  At first glance you may be thinking where do I begin?  Perhaps we can make a couple of suggestions.

Catch up on the news
Catching up with the news of the day is always a good place to start. The FleetMentor dashboard found on the FleetMentor homepage provides links to daily news, regulatory change notices and upcoming industry events.

Look for some information
If you have a question or topic of interest, we suggest looking in the Topic Index. The topic index contains over 500 transport-related topics and can be found under the Reference button.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for in the index, you might try starting a dialogue with your peers in the Discussion area or by submiting a question to the Personal Assistant experts at J. J. Keller & Associates. Both the Discussion Board and the Personal Assistant can be found in the Info Exchange area found in left sidebar of the homepage or most major area pages.

Try an interactive tool
You'll quickly discover that many of the tools on the service are tied together to save you time with data entry and to allow for better reporting. For example, all employees are tied to company locations and all accident records are tied to employees. By tying the three together, you can report all accidents by locations.

Before you begin using the tools we suggest you start by setting up your company location(s) in the Company Profile tool (you’ll see we’ve set-up your first one for you based on your registration information). From there, we suggest setting up your employees and drivers in the Employee & Drivers tool. This tool includes an import function for importing your employee and driver master. 

Give us your feedback
We welcome your comments and suggestions for making J.J. Keller’s FleetMentor the best it can be. We want FleetMentor® to be your service for running a safe, successful, and compliant fleet.

Thank you,

The FleetMentor® Development Team